My E-Sports Career

An avid and talented gamer, I dedicated thousands of hours into E-Sports where I would participate in Local and Online tournaments . My most played game was Super Smash Bros Ultimate, though I did play other games such as Valorant, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, and Multiversus where I would be ranked and achieve the high tier thresholds in almost any game I touched.

After dominating in tournaments I decided to build communities on discord and social media to lead and foster E-Sport teams with globally ranked players to compete in the largest leagues with extreme success. After earning top spots in national playoffs, I began to create my E-Sport buisinesses to expand my reach.

I started my businesses in the E-Sport competitive scene for popular Nintendo titles where an audience of 2,000 competitors followed on a weekly basis for hosted tournaments, purchased merchandise catered around my business image, and provided an environment that was suitable for all ages. The reach extended to a national level of 20,000 competitors where I obtained sponsorships and grew my scene on multiple social media platforms and attracted various professional competitors with followings of 100's of thousands. My businesses continues to grow present day.

My Businesses

Royal Lazarus E-Sports and Royal Knights E-Sports

Royal Knights


Royal Knights E-Sports was founded by me on Sept. 9 2020

Royal Knights E-Sports

Royal Lazarus